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Gemerská Poloma is home to one of the largest talc deposits in the world. A talc deposit was discovered in the 1980s. Gemerská Poloma belongs to the Rožňava district, which is part of the Košice region. It is one of the largest villages in Rožňava.

The mineral talc (steatite, magnesium silicate hydrate, in powdered form talc) is a very common layered silicate with the chemical composition Mg3 [Si4O10 (OH) 2].

Depending on the modification, it crystallizes as talc-1A in the triclinic or as talc-2M in the monoclinic crystal system and develops predominantly leafy, massive or coarse mineral aggregates, very rarely macroscopically recognizable, tabular or pseudotrigonal-pyramidal crystals of mostly matt white or pale green color . Talc is also found in the form of pseudomorphoses of quartz or anthophyllite.

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